"Weight is the enemy."

Émile Mathis, Strasbourg (1922)

What if energy transition and the reduction of individual carbon footprints were to include a timeless light vehicle with a small footprint?

In 2022, just as it was in 1922, reducing the weight of individual means of transport has a considerable impact on the energy needed for urban and interurban travel.

The eC-One is an example of the Neo-Retrofit concept applied to an atypical two-wheeler with a design that is already in our collective subconscious.

Le concept eC-One

The Concept!

The eC-one project is a game changer in the quest for green cities and offers every enthusiastic user a fun alternative to cars.

Where the aim of a Retrofit is to introduce new technologies into older vehicles, the eC-One takes a pioneering approach, namely that of a "Neo-Retrofit". This concept is the adaptation of proven comfort and safety features to a strictly production vehicle platform.

In the case of the eC-One, this is achieved by merging two familiar BMW models, the BMW C1 and the BMW C Evolution. The eC-One combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the roof of the BMW C1 allows you to travel in a tried and tested rigid body, without a helmet and with the agility of the eC-One, the best electric two-wheeler in its class, a perfect symbiosis of driving pleasure and environmental friendliness.

A Star is born!

Like the exceptional vehicles that call Stuttgart home, the eC-One will be immortalised there by STAUD, the preferred creative production studio of the high-end automotive industry. Seduced by our project, STAUD has allowed the eC-One to make its way onto the podium of mechanical beauties.

The images speak for themselves.

Corsica Tour

Between mountains and sea, the landscapes of Corsica make the motorcyclist's heart beat faster in all of us.


Winding roads as far as the eye can see, dreamy weather and the unforgettable scent of the island of beauty. And all of this is now possible with the wind in your hair on an electric bike?


"What about autonomy?!"


From a 100km at an "experienced biker's" pace to 170km that we easily exceeded at a " leisurely" pace, the eC-One can be recharged in the time it takes to have lunch on a 220v socket. It combines autonomy, dynamism and agility in a single design. We put three machines to the test on the sidelines of the 2021 Tour de Corse Historique. From Bonifacio to the heights of Cap Corse, passing through Calvi, Ajaccio and its mountains, we drove all over the island in silence, listening to the wind and the cicadas, even covering up to 180km on a single charge. Of course, we filmed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure.

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